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CCOA has been the #1 rated company with the fewest complaints and highest client satisfaction for over 27 years.

Ask for a proposal today and we will provide you with a list of our prestigious client references. We have been fighting germs for over 27 years. Let us save you money with our deep clean methods that are “green” too.

Disinfecting Services

We are trained to clean all facilities and offer the following programs.

Level 1

Day porter service to constantly wipe down and disinfect facilities on an ongoing basis throughout the day and as areas are being used.

Level 2

Clean and sanitize all touch points. This includes the use of special microfiber cloths combined with CDC approved disinfectant to kill and remove all germs from the following areas:

  • Telephone receivers and keypads
  • Arm Rests
  • Desks and counter tops
  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Door area above and below handles
  • Thorough disinfecting of restrooms

This is performed nightly.

Level 3

We use atomizers and foggers for exposed offices combined with the disinfecting of all surfaces including carpet, walls, floors and air vents for a “terminal” cleaning of all infected spaces. We provide a fast and professional process that you can trust will leave your facility safe and germ free. We will provide video verification for your peace of mind upon request.

How Can CCOA Help?

CCOA is constantly monitoring for updated information to help us in fighting all viruses.

We are committed to increasing our knowledge and using the latest proven techniques in this fight. Our experience in battling the H1N1 (swine flu) has well prepared us for this virus. We are using the same process that we used in Palm Beach Day School which reported the lowest incidences of H1N1 in all Palm Beach County schools.

This was accomplished by implementing the following:

  • The use of specialized microfiber cloths that collect and trap more organic matter and germs by removing them from the surface.
  • The use of specialized germ fighting chemicals combined with the use of microfiber cloths (chemicals alone cannot kill all germs and therefore must be combined with removing them from surfaces).
  • Using specialized disinfectant in our carpet cleaning process and floor care on a daily basis.
  • Sanitizing all touch points daily which include telephones, desktops, computer keypads, arm rests, doorknobs and doors 18 inches above and below door handles.
  • Completely wipe down and sanitize every surface in restrooms daily.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

  • Avoid anyone who shows symptoms of the flu or a cold.
  • Do not touch your eyes or face.
  • Wash hands often.
  • Carry hand sanitizer and use it often.
  • Wipe down your work space with FDA approved disinfectant.  This includes phones, keyboards, desks and chairs.
  • Take vitamin C,D and A on a daily basis to boost your immune system.
  • Get fresh air whenever possible and avoid stress.
  • Drink water every half hour or as often as possible.

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