About Our System

About Our System

Team Cleaning

Cleaning Company of America utilizes effective strategies to ensure that your property receives a thorough and professional cleaning daily. Our team cleaning approach allows individual team members to perform separate tasks during the cleaning process; the teams are comprised of 4 to 7 cleaners who work cohesively on their own individual tasks for faster and more streamlined results.

Our Team Specialists Include:

  • Light Duty Specialist (Starter)
  • Vacuum Specialist
  • Restroom Specialist
  • Utility Specialist

The Importance of Green Cleaning

Cleaning is typically viewed as an aesthetic practice when its true purpose is really sanitation. During the course of maintaining buildings, the cleaning budget is typically the first one to be cut when cost-cutting measures need to be undertaken for different reasons. Cleaning should be recognized not only for its ability to enhance the perception of the business for increased profits but also for its sanitizing effects: keeping the surroundings clean will reduce the number of illnesses experienced by employees while ensuring a clean and sanitary environment for both clients and staff.

A genuinely Green cleaning program has the required tools, equipment, regular scheduling, disposables, and most importantly, accurate training on the right procedures. There will be a positive impact on the cleanliness of a facility and the health of its occupants when a well-designed Green cleaning program is implemented.

Green cleaning involves examining the whole cleaning process including products and work practices while keeping hazardous exposure to chemical cleaning products at a minimum. Cleaning Company of America can provide expert green cleaning services your business needs.