Hospital and Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Hospital and Medical Facility Cleaning Services

A Clean Environment is safe, sterile, and satisfies both patients and staff. Cleaning Company of America offers full service medical facility cleaning.


We Specialize in Medical Facilities and Hospitals

Cleaning Company of America’s goal is to provide healthy environment for your patients and staff. Most importantly create a sterile area safe for everyone. With decades of experience in the field, Cleaning Company of America is the only professional cleaning and janitorial service company capable to handle your specialized needs.

Experienced Cleaning for the Healthcare Industry

Health care facilities face many issues when selecting a cleaning service company. Most cleaning services experience high turnover, have staff that isn’t properly trained with zero attention to details or procedures, and lack the knowledge of proper chemical selection and their use. 
Cleaning Company of America hires only E-Verified workers. Our workers are extensively trained and we send only the best to our medical clients. We realize how important a clean sterile environment is and that’s why we train all staff on the proper use of hospital grade disinfectants.

Medical Providers Go With Us Because

  • Properly trained staff
  • Health care certifications
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of Chemical products
  • Stable, professional staff

Available Around Your Schedule

We know medical facilities schedules vary by practice and specialty. We work around your schedule to best meet your needs.